Comic 2 - Watered Down Soda

26th Jul 2016, 5:00 PM
Watered Down Soda
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GospelmanMinistries 26th Jul 2016, 5:00 PM edit delete
Will Boyer here! Welcome back!

Today's comic strip is the second Gospelman comic strip I made originally. Unfortunately, it's backwards. The dialogue should read the opposite of the current flow. I think I tried mirror imaging it but it looked funny, so I just left it alone.

Anyway... Here is the original comment I made on the above strip back in 2010:

Today's Gospelman is a comic strip and is a part of the “Everyone” rated Gospelman. It is not solely for younger readers like the previous strip, nor is it directed only toward mature audiences. The strip in its original form would take some thinking to understand but I felt lead, hopefully Holy Spirit lead, to add a couple of Bible verses.

When commenting, due to the controversial feelings and thoughts that politics and religion often bring up, remember to always comment in a mature and professional way. Thank you.


We're back with the first page of the Adventure series of Gospelman!

I originally titled this Cross of Crime Alley, but changed for legal reasons. Hey. I should have called it Sin Alley… Five page story starts here.

P.S. - Forgot to mention, peeps - if you'd like your FAN ART or FAN MAIL to appear in the first issue of Gospelman Adventures (the one being printed right now being the free preview, #0, and not this issue #1), then please send everything to ! :-)